lunes, 10 de octubre de 2011

Altar de muertos en Amsterdam

Adelina Reyes, Mexican artist, exhibits from 1 to November 30, 2011, an installation"Day of the Dead altar", which honors the memory of Frida Kahlo . The exhibition will consist in the decoration of the Altar with paintings, ceramics, papier and many other ornaments integrated an traditional altar.
The altar will be set in a particular way in which the author was inspired by the painting entitled The two Fridas, to give a personal touch and at the same time a dream vision, which is the way the death of a burlesque.

Date: 1 to November 30, 2011

Location: Etalage Kortsluiting
Street: Eerste Schinkelstraat 16, 1075 TX
City: Amsterdam

The Day of the Dead is a Mexican pre-hispanic celebration to honors the dead in the date 1 and 2 November, and coincides with the Catholic celebrations of All Souls Day and All Saints. The Altar of the Dead is a key element in the traditions of Mexico's Day of the Dead, which consists of installing home altars honoring the dead of the family.
Death is a strong symbol that has caused admiration, fear and uncertainty to humans throughout history. For many years, in various cultures have created beliefs about death that have successfully developed a series of rituals and traditions either to worship, honor, scare and even sneer. Mexico is a country rich in culture and traditions, one of the main aspects that make up its identity as a nation is the concept we have about death and all the traditions and beliefs that revolve around it.
The altar is a ritual offering respectful to the memory of the dead, their purpose is to invite the spirits to live with their families. They were giving away food and favorite things for them in life, to return to enjoy during his brief visit. In the offering or altar should not miss the representation of the four primordial elements of nature, which are:
Earth, represented by their fruits that nourish souls with their aroma, the fire, represented with burning candles, water, a container for the souls slaking their thirst after the long road ahead to reach the altar and wind, represented in the papel picado that decorates the altar.